About G.D.S.S.


G.D.S.S. is a dynamic company that specializes in the creation and design of gabionstructures , drawing 3d concepts and graphical design. Every design will be complemented with a 3D sketch as to achieve maximum understanding of the possible result.

Graphical design and concept are broad definitions but the essence is to give the correct look & feel.

Some examples:

  • Translating plans to 3D sketches or models (gabion structures , construction projects or garden projects.
  • You have some ideas but would like to see them translated into 3D plans to check the final result? We can help.
  • You want to redecorate or modify a room? We can help to visualise the end result.
  • Almost everything can be translated into 3D. The more accurate the information received, the more detailed the final concept will be.
  • G.D.S.S. assists different contractors to change raw on site sketches into 3D drawings. In most cases this helps to get in a project or customer because they see a nice visual of the possible final result.

In synergy with the graphical side and their solutions, G.D.S.S. design websites. We can offer a total solution composed of domainregistration , webhosting , maintenance , optimalisation searchengines and the actual website (CMS).

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